Flying into remote areas of Alaska for fishing and wildlife viewing is an experience of a lifetime. Enjoy the untouched wilderness, fishing off the unbeaten path, and the spectacular scenery of the majestic mountain beauty that will leave you with a lifetime of memories. With thousand of acres of land only reachable by floatplane, it’s ready for the fishing excursion and opportunity only few have ever had a chance to experience. There are several different options for fly out trips; overnighters, sight seeing, massive icefields, glaciers, volcanoes and bear viewing. Depending on the size of your group you could charter the whole plane for that specialize trip, the options are endless.

Guided Bear Viewing and Salmon Fishing Combo

Undoubtedly one of our most enjoyable packages. You’ll experience the thrill of flying to the west side of Cook Inlet to Redoubt Bay from our floatplane base in Soldotna. 10,000 foot volcanoes can be seen on either side of the plane as you descend to the lake where our guide will load you into one of our 18 foot boats to begin your salmon fishing and bear viewing day in Alaska. The guide provides spinning rods & reels, the fishing tackle for Sockeye or Coho salmon, rain gear, hip boots and bug repellant if needed. If everyone in the boat agrees (about 4 people), we’ll take a mid-day break to view a beautiful waterfall while grilling up a salmon on the Hibachi in the boat, then return for more fishing and bear viewing. Beavers, otters, ducks, loons, swans and Bald eagles also inhabit the area and both black bears and Brown bears will fish for salmon although not at the same time.

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One of the most popular fly outs is on the west side of Cook Inlet where you can fish for Sockeye “reds” salmon and be able to be up close and personal with brown and black bears also hoping to catch their limit. Fishing for sockeye starts around the second week of June and continues to the end of July. You could also fly into a remote river to fish for fresh Coho “silvers” salmon entering from the inlet. This fishery begins in the last half of July and runs through August or later. These coho are full of fight and have that fresh bright silver color of the ocean and the best meal you could have.

  • Clamming

    Our clamming trips are unbeatable. The clams are very large, and abundant.

  • King Salmon

    Season: June 10 – June 30

  • Sockeye Salmon

    Season: June 10 – July 15
    Regulations: Limit three fish per day

  • Lake Trout & Char

    Season: July 1 – Sept 30

  • Fly Out Silver Salmon

    Season: July 20 – Sept 25
    Regulations: Limit two fish per day / Vary according to location
    Peak time: Aug 5 – Sept 25

  • What to bring:

    Fishing License
    Warm Clothing
    Rain gear
    Lunch and Snacks Drinks (water, pop etc.)
    Sun glasses
    Cooler (or something to take your fish home in)

  • Kustatan River

    The Kustatan River is undoubtedly the most productive Silver Salmon River in the region. Thousands of Salmon are pulled from its murky glacial waters each summer between the middle of July and the end of August. If you want to catch fish, this is the place to go! We provide the bait. All you need to bring is warm clothes, rain gear, lunch and your tackle.